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Frequently Asked Questions

Aashay education study material is the best material available in the market for NEET/ JEE preparation. It is very very exhaustive and relevant which has been prepared by the most experienced faculty members of Aashay Education. If you want to take full advantage of Aashay education expertise for NEET / JEE preparation, then it is advisable to opt for Complete Package. 

Yes, even enrolling in later months, you will be dispatched the material in one go, which was already to be dispatched by that time as per the schedule.

Some of the Author Books available in the market are good, but majority of them are written by University Professors, who don’t have direct teaching experience of JEE aspirants and are vague in contents. The Aashay education study material has been written by most experienced teachers of Aashay education , who have real NEET/ JEE teaching experience and have themselves produced AIR Rankers.

Yes. You will defenitely have a privelage to meet the faculty and clear any of your doubts even after your class schedule.

For the benefit of our Aashay education enrolled students, we provide a complete Study Planner as a part of the course, which the student needs to follow, to take full advantage of the course. According to our Study Planner a student must devote at least one and half hour to each subject in a day i.e. four and half hours to all three subjects.

No. There is no refund policy of fee for Any Course or Online Test Series. Once the fee is paid it will not be refunded under any circumstances.

No, if a student loses ant Study Material sheet there is no provision of getting a new sheet issued by Aashay education.

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